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2018 VFC Fall Lectures

The many faces of Vasculitis

 Saturday October 27, 2018

St. Joseph’s Health Care
268 Grosvenor Street
London, Ontario

Shuttleworth Auditorium at St. Joseph’s Health Care

(Please note:  If you have trouble walking, please arrange to be dropped off at the Cheapside Entrance 4 - Zone C. Turn right and walk through the opening at the bottom of the stairs, into Zone D. The Shuttleworkth Auditorium is on the left).

* Each session includes about 10 minutes for Q & A

**Proposed agenda as of 1.9.18, VFC reserves the right to make program changes as necessary

Our VFC Fall Lecture morning guest speakers include:

 9:50AM – 10:00AM - Welcome and Introductions

10:00AM – 10:30AM- Lillian Barra, M.D., MPH, FRCP(C) Associate Professor, Vasculitis Clinic, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, St. Joseph’s Health Care London/ London Health Sciences Centre, ON.

Dr. Barra will speak about the Canadian experience within the family of about 26 Vasculitic diseases. Are there other differences compared to the global experience? She will also speak about the role of CanVasc its ongoing goals and objectives from a patient and professional standpoint, and the link to the VCRC. In addition, she will provide insight into care and treatment of vasculitis at St. Joseph’s Rheumatology Clinic and will also touch on how baseline testing and lab monitoring can help prevent relapses and long-term damage, as well as what other strategies vasculitis patients can use to protect their health. She will also give us an update on vasculitis research and studies, both promising and not so promising, from around the world.

10:30AM - 11:15AM - Jennifer Mandzia, M.D., PhD FRCP(C) Assistant Professor, Vasculitis Clinic, Department of Neurology, St. Joseph’s Health care London/ London Health Sciences Centre, ON.

VFC has never done a fall session on CNS (Central Nervous System) vasculitis yet it affects many vasculitis patients to some degree. This session will cover symptoms of vasculitis with CNS involvement, from milder forms like numbness, weakness and pain in hands, feet and limbs, to life threatening brain involvement with strokes. Dr. Mandzia will also cover risk factors, best treatment options, and how to determine CNS vasculitis from CNS mimicers, as well as what testing and imaging can be done to diagnose CNS vasculitis. Learn how to recognize CNS vasculitis and the “when” and “what” to do about it from a patient perspective!

11:15AM - 12:00 Noon - Katherine Siminovitch, M.D., FRCP(C), Professor of Medicine, Rheumatologist, Geneticist, Senior Investigator at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON. 

Dr. Siminovitch will give us another progress report on her vasculitis genetics research and GPA/MPA in particular. She has published more papers on her work and will give us an update on these, and the recently started GPA/MPA CyTOF research using the “freshest of the fresh” blood samples that she has been carefully collecting at the Toronto Vasculitis Clinic and testing during the last year or so. It is amazing how much her research has advanced since those first DNA collections in the spring of 2001. You’ll recall it is hoped this work will now identify the potential stimulus, based on the discovery of precise gene/protein defects that are directly implicated in GPA and maybe MPA. This research also supports a separate genetic classification for GPA and MPA. She'll also brief us on the direction of her research, including other vasculitic diseases, and how it is expanding and progressing!

 12:00 PM-12:45PM -  LUNCH

Please Note:  Lunch is not provided. 

There is no "food court" or any on site food service available!  

We strongly suggest ordering a boxed lunch, which you can pre-order at the time of your online registration for$13.50 (tax included) 

Your boxed lunch includes your choice of four sandwiches, which you will select when you register for the Fall Lecture. 

 Sandwich choices include the following:

Roast beef w/cheese
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The boxed lunches also include veggies and dip,  one cookie, as well as one bottle of water.

Our afternoon VFC guest speakers include:

12:50PM – 1:35PM - Lillian Barra, M.D., MPH, FRCP(C), Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Vasculitis Clinic, Division of Rheumatology, St. Joseph’s Health Care London/ London Health Sciences Centre, ON.

Dr. Barra returns this afternoon with a review of Takayasu’s disease in both children and adults in a Canadian population. She will also provide a revealing look at research she has conducted at St. Joseph’s, with the help of advanced MRI and PET scan imaging of Takayasu patients that may change the methods of diagnosing and treating Takayasu patients. She will also review the currently available and new and upcoming tools for diagnosing, as well as therapies for Takayasu’s arteritis.

1:35PM – 2:10PM - Lulu Bursztyn, M.D., MSc, FRCP(C) Assistant Professor, Vasculitis Clinic, Department of Ophthalmology, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, ON. 

VFC has never done a session on ocular involvement in Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), yet it affects many vasculitis patients with serious loss of vision consequences. This session will cover everything you need to know about eye anatomy, symptoms and diagnosis of eye involvement in GCA and the “what”, and “when”, to do something about it before the onset of vision loss consequences!

2:10PM – 3:05PM - Erkan Demirkaya, M.D., FRCP(C) Professor, Vasculitis Clinic, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Pediatrics, London Health Sciences Centre, ON. 

From the Silk Road to London, Ontario! Dr. Demirkaya is a pediatric rheumatologist who previously worked in Turkey which has one of the world’s highest populations of Behcet’s patients, so he can provide key insights into, the at times mysterious and very often difficult to diagnose, and treat, Behcet’s disease. Behcet’s is known as a variable vessel vasculitis and can manifest in numerous parts of the body. Some progress in understanding Behcet’s has been made in recent years and Dr. Demirkaya will review the current thinking on the etiology of Behcet’s as well as a review of the more current research studies and results. He will also review the common symptoms, various treatment options and what the future may hold in advancing the understanding of Behcet’s.

3:05PM – 3:50PM - 
Dr. Leigh Sowerby M.D., MHM, FRCP(C) Assistant Professor, Vasculitis Clinic, Department of Otolaryngology, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, ON.

It’s hard to believe but VFC has never done a dedicated session on Ear, Nose and Throat, (ENT), involvement in vasculitis, and GPA and EGPA in particular, yet it affects many vasculitis patients and can be a defining symptom of GPA and EGPA with ENT involvement estimates, by some accounts, running from 50 to 90% over a patient’s lifetime. This session will cover everything you need to know about ENT manifestations in vasculitis and a review of upper respiratory disease in GPA and EGPA. Topics covered will include symptoms, crusting, irrigation, infection, saddle nose deformity, and surgery options. Learn what to look for and when to do something about the symptoms before the onset of more severe consequences!

 3:50PM – 4:00PM - Wrap-up and Good Bye 

We are looking forward to seeing, and meeting as many of you as possible at this year's VFC Annual Fall Lecture. It is a great opportunity to get involved in your organization, learn about your disease, meet new friends and share your experiences with people who understand. 

Best regards,

Jon Stewart,
President, Vasculitis Foundation Canada

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