Join us for the 2019 VFC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Member,

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Vasculitis Foundation Canada (VFC) and our Guest Speaker (June Martin), Registered Dietitian will be held on Sunday, May 5th, 2019, at a location to be determined in either Cambridge, or Kitchener, please check our vasulitis website for exact location details. 

The VFC AGM, is the foundations annual obligation to receive the Director's/President's report on the current and future business of the foundation, receive the Treasurer's report and financial statements for the current calendar year, receive the auditor's report and appoint auditors, for the new year, and to have members vote to elect officers.  (President, Treasurer, and Secretary), and director's for the new year, and  transact any other business that may properly come before the meeting.

The AGM starts at 1:30 PM, however arrival and registration starts at 10:30 AM and runs until 11AM, cooking demonstration and presentation with June Martin starts at about 11AM followed by lunch at 12:30 PM.  Welcome and introduction will be at 11:00 AM,  See  VFC website for exaction location and schedule.

Remember your VFC membership must be current in order to vote!

June Martin works at Gran River Hospital in Kitchener and is part of the regional renal program for patients with kidney disease.  June will share with us her diet recommendations for kidney, and weight, friendly healthy living, she'll also review the all new Canada Food Guide.  In addition, Une has organized a chef-led practical cooking demonstration with the results being served for our buffet lunch!.  Most of her patients are dealing with more than one diet.  They may already be following a cardiac, diabetic or celiac diet as well!  One thing she loves about her work is that there is no standard diet-everyone is different!


Don't miss our Annual AGM with June Martin!


1.  Adoption of AGM agenda:

2.  Approval of minutes from the 2018 AGM, held on April 14th, 2018;

3.  Receive the VFC Directors report on the current and future business of the foundation;

4.  Receive the VFCTreasurer's report and financial statements for the 2018 calendar year;

5.  Receive the auditors report and appoint auditors for the new year;

6.  Vote to elect officers (President, Treasure, and Secretary), and directors for the new year;

7.  Transactancy other VFC business that may properly come before the meeting.

8.  Adjournment or postponements thereof.

If you have a matter that you think should come before the VFC AGM, please write it out as concisely as possible, and we will see that it is presented at the meeting.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, you may give your proxy to another member, one of the Directors, or scan it and e-mail it to Jon Stewart, or send it by mail to Jon Stewart.  It is very important that you return your proxy,  if you are not able to attend.  If your unable to print your proxy, then additonal forms will be available at the AGM meeting for you to complete and submit.

We are looking forward to seeing, and meeting as many of you as possible at the year's VFC AGM. It is a great opportunity to get involved in your organization, learn about your disease, meet new friends and share your experiences with people who understand. 

Best regards,

Jon Stewart,

President, Vasculitis Foundation Canada

To learn more about the vasculitis you can also visit our VFC website at and download our Vasculitis Foundation Canada brochure.